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Live By Faith, Do Not Shrink Back

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
August 11, 2019

Live By Faith, Do Not Shrink Back

The twelve spies who came back from spying out the land of Canaan, reported it was indeed a good land. But 10 spies infected the whole nation with doubt and unbelief, saying they were not able to enter in. However Joshua and Caleb had a different spirit. They said they were well able to take the land because God was with them. 

That night,the whole community cried and complained why Moses had to take them out of Egypt. They wanted to appoint a leader to bring them back. 

They murmured against Moses. They rebelled against him for they had lost confidence and trust in their leader. They wanted to go back into the slavery of Egypt. Slavery is bondage. Once people are in bondage, it takes supernatural power to deliver them.

If we want a breakthrough or a breaking into something in our lives, we are to walk by faith and live by faith, and not turn back. 

We are made the righteousness of God when we accept Jesus into our lives and are born again by His Holy Spirit. The righteous are to live by faith; we live daily believing God. 

We learn three things:

• The righteous in God live by faith.

• Not to shrink back.

• God is pleased.

What does it mean to Live by Faith and not draw back?