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Practising the Presence of God

Rev Karen Lim
April 15, 2018

Practising the Presence of God

When Jesus died and rose again, He opened a way for us to enter the Holy of Holies with boldness and confidence. Today, we have a treasure in this earthen vessel – the Presence of the Almighty God is right inside us. He is our Heavenly Father and we thank God for the ministry of the Holy Spirit who makes His Fatherhood so real to us.

If His presence is ever in us and He never leaves us, how then do we practise His presence in our daily lives such that we will not be overwhelmed by the demands of life? How do we become increasingly aware of His indwelling presence in the midst of life’s challenges? Do you know that we can enjoy and benefit from His presence by drawing our daily needed supply from Him?

In this message, you will learn the ABC’s of practicing His precious presence in your private life and then corporately as believers coming together to worship Him. It will stir a greater hunger and desire in you and you will long for a deeper walk and fellowship with your Father. You will be so changed in His Presence!