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Pray For Our Nation

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
August 9, 2020

Pray For Our Nation

You may have an Emperor, King, President, or Prime Minister to govern your country. The purpose of these offices is for the ruling of the nation. The structure of the government for each country is different. Every structure is spiritual in nature because they are instituted by God. However, not necessarily everyone is appointed by God.

When God appoints someone to be in the office with governing authority, they are there to be a terror against evil.

They are there, in the governmental offices, to minister to you for good; not for evil. They are also there to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

If the person who is in office, is doing evil, and not for our good, then God did not put him there; the devil did.

This is the purpose we pray for the right person to be elected into governmental offices. If we do not pray, the devil will put someone in office who will carry out the devil’s purpose – which is evil.

What is a blessed nation? It is a nation that fulfils the plan and purpose of the Heavenly Father; a nation that prepares the way for Jesus’ next coming and carries His truth to the next generation.

We ask the Heavenly Father for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge from Him be given to our PM and cabinet ministers, for all the governmental ministries, the corporations, the statutory boards, the schools and universities, research institutions, hospitals, and the people in this nation.

Watch and take authority against any demonic activities influencing or coming against our nation.

Send angels to bring in the finances and bind the devil and command him to release the finances for our country, for businesses, for the people. Pray for the SMEs, for innovations and creative ideas.