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Pray the Angels Through

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
May 24, 2020

Pray the Angels Through

Archangel Michael, one of the chief princes, had been blocked by demonic powers.

This very high demonic power influenced the king of Persia in his rule over Persia. He was called the spirit prince of king of Persia. This prince of Persia was not a man, but a spirit – a demonic spirit.

This spirit prince of Persia had blocked the archangel for twenty-one days, in the realm of the spirit. The archangel had a message from God for Daniel concerning the future of Israel.

Daniel continued to fast and pray for twenty-one days, till the archangel came through to him with the message; it had to be important.

Prayer opens the way for the angel to come through to reveal to you, your future. Prayer also sends forth angels to make a way for you to walk into the future.
We must pray through just like Daniel did. He prayed through once he had a vision concerning the future – a time of war and hardship.

The critical principle of prayer is to pray through
• till we hear from God
• till the situation changes
• till the burden is lifted

Peter was arrested and kept in prison for seven days. Herod intended to bring him out for a public trial after the Passover. In doing so, Herod wanted to please the Jews.

The local church in Jerusalem gathered in united corporate prayer for Peter. They prayed for a week.

The local church prayed in united corporate prayer, in one accord, in one mind, and one purpose, praying with unknown tongues, because they were already baptised with the Holy Spirit.

After six days and nights of praying without ceasing, and with earnest, fervent prayers, an angel came through to deliver Peter.

God sent the angel the instant they prayed. God hears and answers prayers instantly. However, the angel was blocked from coming in the realm of the spirit. But God is never late. The angel came in time, the night before Herod was to bring Peter to trial.