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Prayer of Faith For Yourself & Others – The Difference

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
December 9, 2018

Prayer of Faith For Yourself & Others – The Difference

For you to receive a miracle from God, you must have faith and must believe you have a miracle, then you will receive a miracle. 

For you to believe God for a miracle for someone else, that person must have faith and believe he receives, then he receives a miracle. 

However when you are believing God for someone else, there are three exceptions, unless you’re believing for a miracle for:

• An unbeliever – that person does not need to have faith

• Your own children. Your children must grow in the knowledge of God and in faith because a time is coming when they must believe for themselves.

• Spiritual babies – these are newly born again Christians. You can carry spiritual babies with your own faith to receive a miracle for them. But they are also expected to grow in knowledge and in faith. As time passes they’re also expected to believe for themselves. 

There is a difference between praying the prayer of faith for yourself and for someone else.