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Receive Your Rewards (Part 2)

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
February 18, 2018

Receive Your Rewards (Part 2)

The Shunammite woman was faithful, wise, and giving. She had Elisha for meals whenever he passed by her home. After she was sure that he was a true prophet, she had her husband agree to build an upper room for him to rest. 

One day  Elisha asked the Shunammite what he could do for her, even though she did not ask for anything herself. When you begin to give and build a relationship with others through fellowship, they will have a heart to do something for you. Elisha began to think of what he could do for this lady. Very often the Lord will stir or lead us to do something, but He would not tell us initially what He wants us to do. What we need to do is to do whatever our hands find to do. Then the Lord will lead us to take the next step. 

Elisha wanted to speak good words to the King and the commander of the army for her. But the Shunammite said she lived in peace among her people and had no need of any special favour. 

Then the Lord instructed Elisha to tell her that by the same time the following year she would have a son. This is the nature of the Heavenly Father. He will bless you even though you did not ask for it. Often when we stay faithful to what He has called us to do and go where He directs us, the blessings are in front of us to intercept us. 

We also can see the ways of the Lord in this story. God must had directed Elisha to do something for the Shunammite. Elisha would think of what he could do for her. Then by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Lord told Elisha that she would have a son. 

The Shunammite received her reward because she was sensitive and wise to know Elisha was a special prophet. Jesus said, receive a prophet in the name of the prophet, and you will receive a prophet’s reward.