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Receiving A Miracle from Jesus ( Part 2)

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
November 1, 2020

Receiving A Miracle from Jesus ( Part 2)

Jesus went back to Nazareth. He preached in the synagogue in His hometown, but they did not believe Him. They drove Him to the cliff and wanted to throw Him down. But Jesus supernaturally walked away.

Then Jesus returned to Capernaum where He set up His ministry headquarters. Capernaum was a major trade and economic centre in the North Galilean region, whereas Nazareth was a small insignificant town. It made sense for Jesus to base His ministry in Capernaum where there was road and connectivity, for easy spreading of the Gospel.

One morning, Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee. He got into Peter’s boat to preach to the people. After preaching, Jesus told Peter to lower the net and he caught many fishes. From then, Peter, Andrew and John gave up fishing and followed Jesus.

Jesus and the three disciples went back into Capernaum where he preached in a synagogue and got a demon-possessed man delivered. 

When Jesus was in Jerusalem, He went to the pool of Bethesda. There lay a man with an infirmity for 38 years. Jesus asked him whether he wanted to be healed. He replied by saying there was no one to put him into the pool. His eyes were on the pool. Even though Jesus was standing in front of him, he had no faith that Jesus could heal him.

Compare this man with those who approached Jesus. They knew where Jesus was and they followed Him.