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Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
November 17, 2019


In the Bible we can find these various aspects of righteousness:

• God, He is the God of Righteousness

• Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him as righteousness; before the Law was given

• Moses gave the nation of Israel the Law of Righteousness

• New Christians are made righteous in Christ

What does it mean by God is the God of Righteousness?

What is the difference between righteousness that was accounted to Abraham and we are made righteous in Christ?

What is the difference between the righteousness that is of faith and the Law of Righteousness given to Israel?

The righteousness of God is defined as….

• The conduct of God is right and just. So whatever He says and does in relation with humans is always right and just.

• Righteousness (right and just) is characteristic of God in His conduct towards people in conforming to His covenant. 

The Lord told Abraham that he would have a son the following year. Initially he did not believe. But he made the adjustment from that of unbelief to one of believing what the Lord said to him would come to pass.

Abraham heard from the Lord and therefore faith came into his spirit. He believed what he heard and it was accounted to him as righteousness. Abraham was not made righteous. 

Righteousness was accounted to him; it is an accounting term.  It means credited to him. 

The Law of Righteousness was given to Israel by Moses. Moses heard from God and received the law of righteousness, and it was written down for Israel.

Israel had to obey the written law of righteousness. It was not of faith because they did not hear from God directly.

When you are born again, the old spirit man passed away. You become a new creation because the Holy Spirit created your spirit brand new. And the Holy Spirit dwells in your spirit.

First, He recreated your spirit with the nature of God; with all the fruit of the spirit. Your spirit is made righteous, and doing right is the conduct of your spirit. Therefore your spirit does not sin because His seed, that is Jesus, remains in your spirit by the presence of the Holy Spirit.