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See the World From God’s Perspective

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
October 28, 2018

See the World From God’s Perspective

The world system has created many problems for humanity. The world system is in rebellion to God’s system therefore it is corrupt and produces many calamities [events that cause great and often sudden damage or distress] which bring suffering to the people. It creates economic and financial crisis, wars, and poverty.

We can be affected by the problems other nations create and to a lesser or greater extent, experience suffering. 

How do we overcome these events?

We overcome them by our faith that comes from the knowledge of God. We deal with every issue with the divine wisdom of God. We see these world events from God’s perspective.

When we see them from His perspective then we will not be overwhelmed because God is bigger than any event generated by the world system. This is how we overcome the world system by our faith.