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The Darkest Hour of Job

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
May 3, 2020

The Darkest Hour of Job

The Book of Job is about the life of Job. He lost all his children, his wealth, and was losing his health. According to scholars, the crisis in Job’s life lasted for about six to nine months. 

When people hear the name, Job, they tend to associate it with suffering. The reason being, human nature tends to focus on the negative aspect of things and draw on that. However, that is not what the book is trying to get across. “Poor old Job” is the typical portrayal of many people.

During those nine months, God did not speak to Job till the very end. He began to blame God. He became self-righteous. We may depict Job as not very spiritual, let alone talk about his spiritual growth. Until he repented of his blame-shifting, then could the Lord bless him.

Likewise initially, when someone comes into a church, he receives and grows spiritually. As the church prays and prays for that person’s future, there may be things God allows to surface to help that person make changes and overcome the obstacles in his life. God is helping him move forward in life. For example, if someone has any of these – resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, bitterness, anxiety, worries, or fear, because something happened in his or her life, that person is not able to move forward.

God will help that person overcome and release him from all these. During this period, he or she is not going to feel spiritual, or won’t be growing spiritually, and not able to receive from the teaching till he or she is released from all these toxic spiritual poisons in their soul. Only then, could that person move on spiritually and naturally in life.

Job was extremely blessed and became very wealthy. However, he lost all of it. Job blamed God, and his friends, except his wife. 

When Christians cannot find an answer to their suffering, they like to think of themselves as Job. Without a proper understanding of the book of Job, they think it was God who put the sufferings on them to teach them a lesson or to perfect them or to mould them into the image of Christ.

Job was the richest man in the east. But he was in fear which opened up the door for the devil to have a foothold in his life. Satan knew God blessed Job and put a hedge of protection over his life and all he had.

Let us learn how Job lowered the hedge and plunged into the darkest hours of his life.