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The Father’s Love Will Always Deliver You

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
September 29, 2019

The Father’s Love Will Always Deliver You

The basic OT concept of a Deliverer is expressed in the Hebrew word for “next of kin.” A close relative is responsible to aid an individual in distress and to redeem him or her from slavery. God sent deliverance when his people were in danger, or He Himself acted as deliverer, uniquely and forcefully in the exodus from Egypt (Exodus 3:7, 8). [Elwell, W. A., & Beitzel, B. J. (1988). Deliverance, Deliverer. In Baker encyclopedia of the Bible (Vol. 1, p. 609). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.]

God our Heavenly Father, is our next kin because we are His children of light. Jesus is our brother and Lord. 

With no condemnation, the Father will deliver you. This is the Father’s love for you. 

The Father protects, delivers, and honours those who seek and call upon Him for deliverance.

The Father will not only deliver but will honour him. 

Who will He deliver? Those who know the nature of the Father and those who love Him. Those who are determined to seek His deliverance and those who seek Him in prayer.

God will always warn us ahead of time if we spend time in His presence and listen.

God had Daniel pray in Daniel 10 and the angels came to him after 21 days with a message concerning Israel’s destiny and because of an impending war. 

When we heed the voice of tour Father, we will avoid crisis. 

God warned Noah and told him to build an Ark. With the spoken Word of God given, he continued to obey God for 100 years without wavering and without doubting. Eventually he and his family were delivered from the flood. 

But Noah had to build the Ark. When he started, the important thing was he must not stop, even though it may take a 100 years.

• Noah, firstly, heard from God

• Secondly, Noah believed God. By faith Noah built, that means, he believed what he heard and continued to believe

• Thirdly, Noah reverenced God. When you have an attitude of reverence for God, then it is easy to yield to what you hear from Him

• Fourthly, Noah followed every instruction in building the Ark

• Fifthly, Noah obeyed God diligently and continually. When you reverence God then it is easy to diligently and continually obey Him till you are delivered. When the whole earth was wicked and evil, and violence filled the earth, Noah continued in their midst to build and finish the Ark.