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The Father’s Unfailing Love Will Not Forsake Us in Any Famine

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
August 19, 2018

The Father’s Unfailing Love Will Not Forsake Us in Any Famine

The world may be heading into a recession due to the trade wars started. Economic recession is like the famine mentioned in the Bible. 

The first famine recorded was during Abraham’s time. Abraham planned to go down to Egypt to stay for awhile; meaning temporarily, because he remembered God’s plan was for him to be in the Promised Land – Canaan. 

In the first example, to avoid the famine Abraham went down to Egypt because it was too severe and for his family’s survival but he came out of Egypt extremely rich in livestock, silver and gold. When we are in God’s plan, we will not be affected by the famine (recessions) and we will come out better than before; unscathed.

The famine during Isaac’s time was just as severe and grievous. Hence he planned to move to Egypt just like Abraham. But the Lord told Isaac to stay in Gerar and sow there. When he obeyed the Lord, he also became very prosperous and wealthy. The importance is to stay where the Lord leads you. Go where He allows you. 

Of the three famines, the one Jacob faced was the most severe. The key is to save up. God gave Joseph wisdom under Pharaoh’s government to save up during the seven years of plenty for the seven years of famine. The most prudent way is to save and not spend what you don’t have. And trust God and use your faith in the Name of Jesus and you will always come out of every famine.