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The Glory of God

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
June 28, 2020

The Glory of God

The definitions of the word “glory” are “weightiness, impressive appearance, splendour, magnificence, the manifestation of power, glorious presence, divine presence.” Often refers to manifestations of the presence of God.

When the presence of God manifests, His grace and power also manifest. It becomes more tangible. It is His supernatural presence and power in manifestation.

When the supernatural power comes in contact with the natural, the natural will have to give way.

We cannot see God, so He allowed the Israelites to see His presence in the form of a cloud; not the usual cloud you see in the sky. There will be splendour, and it will be an impressive appearance.

They saw the glory of God as consuming fire. They were not allowed to go up the mountain because of this fire; except for Moses and Aaron.

Every day the priests offered sacrifices at the altar of the Tabernacle of Moses. When we pray daily, and in unknown tongues, and sing praises to Him, we are offering a sacrifice of praise and prayer of incense to the Lord.

The glory of God that is His power will set us apart from demonic power. It sets us apart from the oppression of sickness, the oppression of the mind, and any other oppression.

Moses asked the Lord to show him His glory. When the Lord passed before him, His glory was passing by. In the glory, there is grace, goodness and compassion.

Greater is the manifested glory of God; greater is the grace and compassion of the Lord. Needs will be met, and the sick will be healed, and every oppression leaves. Something good will come from the glory of God.

Prayer, praise and worship will usher in the greater glory of God in our midst.