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The Importance of Faith

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
April 11, 2021

The Importance of Faith

Grace is unearned and unmerited favour. It is unconditional and unlimited. The Father’s part was to send Jesus unconditionally for us. There is nothing anyone has done to cause the Father to send Jesus to earth.

Salvation is provided for everyone unconditionally; by grace, Jesus was resurrected, and the whole world is saved. But the whole world needs to receive their salvation through faith. Faith is man’s part.
Grace and faith are both gifts of God.

The first time we hear about Jesus’ death and resurrection, we have faith for salvation. Everyone who is born again has this measure of faith to begin their Christian life. From then, we all increase in faith. We begin to have faith for other things. Some have stronger faith than others in a certain area.

Primarily, the Word of God goes through our mind into our spirit. God speaks into our spirit. Faith comes, and we have faith.

We receive everything from God by faith. The Heavenly Father, who loves us with His unfailing love, has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm. And to bring those blessings into reality, it takes faith.

If we do not have faith, we cannot bring the Father’s blessings into our lives, which does not please Him because He wants to bless us. He wants His blessings to be a reality in our lives. However, we cannot receive them without faith; hence He is not pleased. He gives, but we cannot take without faith.