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The One Thing Needful

Rev Karen Lim
March 25, 2018

The One Thing Needful

Where our relationship with the Lord is concerned, we are mindful of this one thing, and that is to actively receive from Him, hear Him and let Him minister to us.

In the story of Mary and Martha, we see that Mary put first things first. Sitting at the feet of Jesus, she was occupied with listening to Him and receiving from Him. For this, Jesus complimented her for having chosen the one thing needful, which is to her advantage. Mary made it a priority to listen to Jesus and she was also the first to pour the very expensive oil on Jesus. For that she was criticised sharply by others for wasting something which could have been given to the poor. Mary did not think it was a waste. She was honoring the Lord. She was in the flow. Without knowing, what she did was in preparation for the burial of Jesus.

As a result of sitting at the feet of Jesus and actively receiving from Him, we may do things that will be criticised by others. Others criticise because they are not the ones who hear from Him. We do what we do, believe what we believe because we heard from Him.

In our daily lives, let’s make it our number one priority to sit at His feet and draw from Him. When we spend time doing the One Thing Needful, we will not waste time or money on the many needless things.