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The Perfect and The Permissive Will of God

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
June 24, 2018

The Perfect and The Permissive Will of God

When Israel insisted on having a king, God gave them a king out of His permissive will. From thence, God anointed Saul, David, and Solomon to be their kings. 

Severe famine came during the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Abraham did not ask God whether he should go down to Egypt. When Abraham moved his family there, God was silent allowing Abraham to go into Egypt to save them from the severe famine. Abraham’s going into Egypt was God’s permissive will. 

When severe famine came during Isaac’s time, he also wanted to follow Abraham’s footsteps in moving to Egypt to escape the scarcity of food.  But God told him it was His perfect will to remain in Canaan. Going down to Egypt to escape the famine was not God’s will for Isaac, neither was it His permissive will. 

The time came when both Egypt and Canaan were in famine. Egypt was God’s perfect will for Jacob and his children to stay there for a season. It was God’s plan to save Egypt and Jacob. To save Jacob and his descendants to fulfil the great plan of God, He had to save Egypt as well. It was God’s perfect will for Joseph to be in Egypt to save the country and Jacob and his household of 70.

Going to Egypt was God’s permissive will for Abraham. It was not God’s will for Isaac, but it was God’s perfect will for Jacob only for one purpose and for that short season.

What can we learn from these three patriarchs?