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The Power of His Love In Our Spirit to Persevere

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
January 20, 2019

The Power of His Love In Our Spirit to Persevere

The widows of the Greek-speaking Jews had been neglected in the distribution of food. A complaint arose so the apostles decided to appoint seven deacons to oversee this task. 

What kind of men did the apostles pick to be deacons in charge of natural matters? They  were men of:

• Good reputation

• Full of the Spirit

• Full of Wisdom

It is important we be full of the Spirit. One attribute of being full of the Spirit is that it will be easier to persevere during a time of suffering.  We persevere because we have hope of a good outcome. We have the Father’s unfailing love in our spirit and His love will not disappoint us. His love in us has the power for us to persevere. And we always have hope for a good outcome; something good is going to come out as we persevere with His love (with the power of His love). We are able to persevere because of the Father’s love in our spirits. In the power of His love, we persevere.