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The Protective Heavenly Father

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
September 15, 2019

The Protective Heavenly Father

When God created the heaven and the earth, He gave the earth over to Adam and Eve to take dominion over. They could do it with the power of God flowing through them. They spoke and the power was released for dominion over the birds, the animals, and the fish in the sea.

But Adam and Eve lost that dominion after they sinned, because sin separated them from God and His power. From thence Satan took dominion over the heaven and the earth. Climate changes began since then.

However there is still a certain amount of God’s protection over the human race because of the blood covenant that Jesus cut with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. After they sinned, Jesus came down, walked the Garden, and covered them with animal skin; they covered themselves with leaves.

The skin the Lord used to cover Adam and Eve meant animals had been slaughtered. This speaks of: 

• God cut a blood covenant with mankind to cover their sins

• God’s protection over mankind

• God’s provision for mankind; He provided a better covering and protection

But nine generations after Adam, during the time of Noah, the world had evolved to the point where evil was all over the earth and caused God to say He would not always protect humankind. 

This statement tells us that God will always protect humankind or the human race. 

God the Father who created the spirit and soul of every human being on earth is protective over them. This is the protective nature of the Heavenly Father. We should have faith and believe the Heavenly Father will always protect us.

Then what made the Lord say He “would not always protect humankind” during the time of Noah?