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The Reality of The Holy Spirit

Rev Karen Lim
October 14, 2018

The Reality of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead is a Divine Personality.  He is to be honored and reverenced to the highest degree. Knowing that He is a Divine Person because Jesus used the personal pronoun “He” when introducing Him to the disciples, we learn to co-operate and flow with Him for He is here to glorify Jesus and testify of the Person and the works of Jesus.

As royal priesthood in this spiritual house or temple of God, we offer Him our spiritual sacrifices, one of those is our praise and worship. When we flow in a greater spirit of worship and even in the spirit of prayer, the Spirit of God manifests Himself among us. He desires to manifest His Presence, His Glory and His Power and the Power of the Holy Spirit is Unlimited. Anything can happen in His presence when we worship the Lord. Bodies healed and people filled.

The Reality of the Holy Spirit can be experienced in a believer’s life and in a church service. It behooves us to Honor this Wonderful Precious Person of the Holy Spirit in our midst.