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The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Prayer

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
September 20, 2020

The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Prayer

When we pray with the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of speaking with unknown tongues, the Holy Spirit comes upon us to anoint us to pray. We receive His power to pray. When we stop praying, the power lifts.

We can pray effectively, praying out mysteries, praying into the unknown, praying into the future, praying to effect a change in the realm of the spirit, and change any situation because of the power of the Holy Spirit that comes upon us to pray.

The Holy Spirit directs our prayers by giving us the special utterance to pray for whatever He wants us to pray. Listen to your tongues, and you will know whether you have the utterance from the Holy Ghost. Listen to your tongues, coupled with the flow of prayer that is coming out of your spirit. The flow of prayer from the Holy Ghost is like a river, and there are many rivers of prayer.

Paul was in prison. He wrote that he would be delivered through the prayers of the church, and would receive a supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Paul needed the church to pray for him.

In other words, there is a supply that comes from the Spirit of Jesus Christ associated with prayer.

When we pray, especially with unknown tongues, the Holy Spirit takes hold of our spirit, and together with us, come against demonic powers, to push them back and away, for a breakthrough. We also pray the angels through. It is important to note that only when we pray, then could He take hold of our spirit.

The only activity that builds or charges our spirit spiritually is by praying with unknown tongues. Therefore it is vital and necessary that every believer be baptised with the Holy Spirit, and prays with unknown tongues regularly. Then the Holy Spirit can charge our spirit man up with His power. And our spirit will be renewed with strength.