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Trust The Heavenly Father, Obey Him

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
February 24, 2019

Trust The Heavenly Father, Obey Him

In seeking and hearing from the Heavenly Father, we must simply trust Him and take Him at His Word. The Father says it, I believe it, that settles it – simply like that. Don’t question.  

We must be convinced whatever Jesus is saying in the Word of God and what the Holy Spirit is telling us, is true; it will happen, it will be fulfilled. 

We also must learn to recognise the signs or signals the Holy Spirit is using to warn, lead and guide us. Most importantly heed them. One of the signs is the uneasiness in our spirit and soul. It comes from your spirit into your soul.

A lady was awakened by the Holy Spirit early one morning and had an uneasiness in her spirit. It felt like a burden. She prayed till this burden lifted after an hour. She interpreted her own unknown tongues that she would be conceiving her second child and two months later, she did. During her pregnancy the foetus was self aborting. But because she prayed through till the uneasiness or burden was gone, the child was born normal. 

Someone’s mother did not heed the uneasiness felt by a church member who warned her. The next day she met with a severe accident. 

We must heed the uneasiness in our spirit.

You may have prayed about going a certain direction the Lord is leading you or something you think the Lord wants you to do, but as you make plans, thinking the Lord is leading you in that direction or wanting you to do, you have an uneasiness or nagging feeling.

Then heed the uneasiness or nagging feeling. Stop. Pray till that uneasiness or the burden is gone.