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Understanding the Importance of the Body of Christ

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
January 7, 2018

Understanding the Importance of the Body of Christ

When Jesus was on earth He ministered through His physical body. After having ascended into heaven, He left behind His Body of Christ which consists of all the local and universal churches to do the work of the ministry; ministering to the lost and the believers. Every individual believer needs to fellowship with God as well as with the other believers who have the same commitment to the Body of Christ. 

As we partake of Holy Communion as the Lord instructs us – to discern or to recognise, there are two distinctions. One distinction is remembering the purpose of the Lord’s physical body that hung on the cross. The other distinction is understanding the purpose of the Body of Christ which is left on the earth.  Understanding these two distinctions will have a bearing on the believer living a long life here.

Scientists have discovered the importance of attending a local church regularly. Believers find fellowship, and when they worship and pray together, and receive the Spirit of the Word of truth, often they will find strength, support, and healing, as they turn their attention to God in the presence of other believers. In addition, many problems can be prevented through fellowship and serving in the local church because tremendous power is released through the body of Christ and when spiritual authority is exercised against demonic powers with the Name of Jesus.