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Unknown Tongues-Praying the Greater Measure

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
March 24, 2019

Unknown Tongues-Praying the Greater Measure

Jesus said to speak in new tongues in His Name. This new tongues is unknown tongues.

When we obey His Word and speak in new tongues in His Name, grace comes for us to speak. Where there is great grace, there is great power. 

When we pray by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, there is great power from the Holy Spirit to pray and released through our prayers. Grace means unconditional, therefore there is unconditional power when you pray with unknown tongues.

Do no despise your prayers and think there is no effect and no power in them.

When we pray with unknown tongues in the Name of Jesus, there is great grace that comes through His Name. And great power of the Holy Spirit comes upon us to anoint us to pray and that power is released through our prayers. 

There are two ways to pray in the Spirit:
• praying with unknown tongues as the Holy Spirit gives us the utterance
• pray by the Spirit of Prophecy

A believer will never grow spiritually as they should if they are not baptised with the Holy Spirit and receive the gift of speaking with personal unknown tongues. 

Without this gift, the spiritual hunger of a believer will never be satisfied. That believer will dry up spiritually and there will be no power that comes from the baptism with the Holy Spirit in his life for living and for ministry. This is a major reason why many Christians turn away from God and backslide.