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Walking in The Spirit

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
April 22, 2018

Walking in The Spirit

What’s walking in the Spirit?

People think walking in the Spirit is floating around in the air. Paul said walk in the Spirit and then he changed the term to led by the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit is being guided by the Holy Spirit and being responsive to the Holy Spirit. It is actually being led by the Spirit. 

Our spirit is created in holiness and righteousness in Christ and because the Holy Spirit  dwells in us, we are able to be led by the Holy Spirit. Being led by the Holy Spirit is being led by the Spirit of grace. Therefore when we are led by the Holy Spirit of grace, we fulfill the law by His grace.

When we are led by the Spirit we are walking in His grace, then we will manifest the fruits in our lives. It is by the Spirit of grace that we exhibit the fruits of the spirit.

When we are led by the Holy Spirit, we will be walking in the truth and living in the plan of God. We will be walking in the fullness of His grace and fulfilling our destinies. Walking in the Spirit is following and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. He will lead us away from tragedy and we will accomplish all the tasks He assigns us. 

We may have faith to use the Name of Jesus but we still have to listen to the Holy Spirit and not ignore Him. For it is the Holy Spirit who gives us the power when we use His Name. Therefore develop a greater sensitivity to walking in the Spirit