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Ways to Determine You Heard from The Lord

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
February 4, 2018

Ways to Determine You Heard from The Lord

When the Lord speaks and directs us, more often than not it is not very obvious or clear. When we hear the voice of the Lord that is loud, it will be because it’s urgent. There is danger ahead, and He is trying to get your attention. If Jesus is to appear before you or He sends an angel to appear before you, chances are the road ahead is going to be difficult. 

When the Holy Spirit bears witness with your spirit, which we term as the inner witness, it is much stronger than the other practical ways I share in this sermon. If it is a still small voice then it is louder than the inner witness. And if it is the authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit, it’ll be much louder and stronger than the inner witness and still small voice. 

There are other different practical ways to determine whether your spirit has received the spoken Word from the Lord and faith came into your spirit.