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Ways to Receive Your Healing (Part 2)

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
October 11, 2020

Ways to Receive Your Healing (Part 2)

The Scripture instructs us to anoint the sick with oil. It does not tell us to have the pastor pray over the oil. To anoint means to pour on or smear on. It does not mean the oil is anointed. When the sick calls the pastor to come and pray, he will smear the sick with oil in the Name of Jesus.

There is no anointing in the oil, but the name of Jesus is anointed. There is healing power in the name of Jesus because He is God. The pastor is to pray the prayer of faith, praying in the Name of Jesus. The prayer of faith will heal the sick.

The book of James is one of the first two books written after Jesus rose again. It was written to the twelve tribes of Israel who were familiar with both the Law of Moses, and the anointing of oil. They did not have the New Testament to read. James instructed them to be smeared with oil in the Name of Jesus because the power lies in the name. If a pastor anoints someone with oil without the name of Jesus, is there power in the oil? There will be no power.

What is the purpose of the oil then? It serves the same purpose as of laying on of hands on the sick. It invokes the law of contact and transmission in the Name of Jesus. It is a point of contact where both the pastor and the sick person release their faith, believing the healing power is transmitted and received.

The power is in the Name of Jesus because Jesus is God, Himself; He is all-powerful. Pray the prayer of faith in the name of Jesus.

Paul and Silas were in prison for preaching the Gospel. Though they were in pain and chained up, at midnight, they began to pray and sing praises to God. The Bible did not say how long they prayed. The power of the Holy Spirit came into manifestation, and there was a massive earthquake that shook the whole prison. We know it was the power of the Holy Spirit in manifestation because the chains of every prisoner fell off. In a normal earthquake, the chains of the prisoners would not fall off. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit was in manifestation because Paul and Silas prayed. The chains of all the prisoners were released.