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Ways to Receive Your Healing (Part 3)

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
October 18, 2020

Ways to Receive Your Healing (Part 3)

There are times when a special manifestation of the healing anointing comes on a preacher. We see two examples in the Bible. Once it was on Jesus, and another time on Paul.

The woman with the issue of blood took steps to draw the special anointing from Jesus’ garment for her healing.
• The woman heard of Jesus
• She had faith in her spirit
• Her mind made a decision with her will to believe
• She kept speaking her faith
• She acted on her faith by pressing through the crowd to touch Jesus’ garment

Jesus did not lay hands on her, but His garment was saturated with the special anointing in manifestation. When the woman touched Jesus’ garment, the power was drawn from Jesus’ garment into her body. The power was tangible because Jesus knew it had gone out from His body. It was not Jesus’ faith that healed the woman. It was the woman’s faith that drew the power from Jesus’ garment for her own healing. This was the special anointing in manifestation on Jesus’ body that saturated His garment.

Paul’s body was anointed with the special anointing also. Handkerchiefs or aprons that came into contact with his body, were saturated with the healing power of God. They were brought to the sick because they could not come to Paul.

The power was so strong that it did two things a) healed the sick b) drove out the demons. There was no need to use the name of Jesus to cast out demons; the power did the work.

Jesus sent a Word, specifically for the centurion, and his servant was healed. Jesus said, “as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” Jesus told this to the centurion; not his servant. The centurion had faith, and he could believe, so his servant received a miracle and was delivered from physical destruction.

Receiving the healing power from the gifts of the Holy Spirit in manifestation is another way to receive your miracle.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gifts of healings. These gifts are only available as the Holy Spirit manifests. If it is not in manifestation, then this gift is not available, and nobody has it. The gifts of the Spirit are manifested as the Holy Spirit wills. Nobody has it, and nobody can make Him manifest them. It is a gift of grace.

The Holy Spirit chooses who to distribute the gifts through, as He wills. When the gifts of healings are in manifestation, they are very specific for certain sicknesses.