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We Are Made Righteous For a Divine Purpose

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
November 24, 2019

We Are Made Righteous For a Divine Purpose

Holiness comes with righteousness. The Heavenly Father made us holy and to be His sons to worship Him as God of righteousness.

God made us His priests. The word priesthood has the meaning of “kingdom of priests”; it is made up of the body of Christ. To offer spiritual sacrifice to God.

Priests are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. To present our bodies a living sacrifice to God. We bring our tithes and offerings, though it seems natural but it is spiritual in nature. When we serve Him, it is our act of spiritual service to God.

Royal priesthood means king-priests. The Lord Jesus is the King of kings. We are His king-priests. We belong to the royal family where the King is Jesus.

We are His holy priests, a holy nation. Our spirits have been created holy. With the Holy Spirit dwelling in our spirits, we become the temple of God. The Holy Spirit created us royal and holy priests. We are created and have the grace to worship Him. His presence will come into manifestation more and more. And more signs, wonders, and miracles He will perform in our midst.

In the Old Testament the people came to God through a human priest. Whereas we come directly to God the Father through the High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ. No one needs to go through a human priest to come before God.

We are created holy priests and king-priests to proclaim the goodness of God, the  excellency of God, His redemptive acts, His powerful deeds, and His wonderful acts.

As priests, we worship Him. 

As kings, we reign with Jesus Christ the King of kings. We reign over the power of Satan and take dominion over the power of sickness, the power of sin, the power of mental oppression, the power of depression, the power of suicide, the power of poverty and failure!