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We’re Like God

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
September 1, 2019

We’re Like God

When God recreated the heaven and the earth and created man and woman to put them in the Garden of Eden, He looked at His own creation and said it was very good. 

The man and the woman created by God were very good; without any defect. There was neither germ nor virus in their bodies. The whole earth was without diseases, viruses, or germs. They did not originate in God’s creation.

God created the heaven and the earth by His Word. We are like the Father. We have this creative power with our words. However, we are not like God in that He can be present everywhere, is all powerful, and all knowing. But we do have His creative power that is released through our words. 

Now as sons of God the Father, after we have been born again, we have His power and the authority to use His power. He gave us the authority and power, the right, to become His children. Then as His children we have His power and the authority to take dominion over our sphere of influence; over our domain of authority.

God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the heaven and earth but they lost it to Satan. Jesus came, born as the Son of man, and regained the dominion over the earth and handed this dominion (the power and authority) back to us so that we can take dominion over our own sphere of influence, which is our world. Our sphere of influence includes our home, work place, school, where we are right now and wherever the Holy Spirit leads us to. But if the Holy Spirit is leading us out of a place then it’s better we leave because that place will no longer be our sphere of influence.