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What Right and Wrong Confession Will Do

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
August 26, 2018

What Right and Wrong Confession Will Do

Confession is an expression of what we believe. The law of confession is in 2 Corinthians 4:13, “I believed and therefore I spoke” (NKJV). People with the same spirit of faith will speak the same thing because they believe the same. Believe what God says and confess what you believe. This is how we keep the “switch of faith” turned on.

We are to not only believe and confess before we see any results, but we are to also confess after we have seen the results. This is how we avoid losing our healing through a counter attack. Confession keeps the healing power of God active. Thanksgiving is the best confession to keep you in remembrance of the healing power of God at work in your body.

If we confess with our mouths what the Word of God has to say over situations in our lives, the Word of God will work and we will see the results. Say things that are consistent with the Word of God. Hence it is important that we study the Word and hear the Word preached.

Right confession is confessing what God said. Wrong confession is confessing fear, doubt and unbelief. Our thinking and our believing govern our confession. Wrong thinking and wrong believing will result in wrong confession. So the key is in renewing our minds; constantly study and listen to God’s Word.