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Your Domain of Authority

Rev Cheong Yew Kwong
January 28, 2018

Your Domain of Authority

Your home, your office, your business, your church, are your domains of authority. If you’re the parents then you natural and spiritual authority over your family. If you’re a child living with your parents then you only have spiritual authority. If you are the boss of the company or the senior pastor (pastor-in-charge) of your church you have natural and spiritual authority over your church. But if you are not, or you’re just an employee, so you only have spiritual authority over the domain you’re in. 

It is important that you understand your domain of authority so that you have the right to take authority over the spiritual realm; to forbid the devil from creating any problems within your domain. Often many problems are not solved because of the works of the demonic powers in your domain, as you did not use the authority given to you in the Name of Jesus, to forbid and to stop them. 

We seek the wisdom, knowledge and understanding from the Heavenly Father in order for us not to forget His teachings and to use the truth He teaches us, to deal wisely with every issue of life. Enforcing our authority within our domain of influence, releasing the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to thwart every demonic power that works against us, causing us not to live long and lose our riches.