Putting up a guard against oppressive thoughts is like when you guard against someone you feel uncomfortable with. You put up a spiritual shield in your soul against that person. So, put up a spiritual shield from your spirit and soul against those oppressive thoughts. Then say, “I refuse to accept those thoughts” or “I rebuke those thoughts in the Name of Jesus.”

The key is the Word of God, putting the Word of God in your heart through devotional reading. Coming to church is crucial because the Word is put into your spirit and mind by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The power or the anointing of the Holy Spirit will imprint deeply in your spirit and mind the Word you may need in time to come. They will be strengthened to dispel the devil’s thoughts with God’s Word.

First, you must know God and constantly renew your spirit and mind with the Word of God. Oppression is spiritual in nature; oppression of spiritual forces on people’s minds.

With the knowledge of God’s Word, you pull your thoughts away from the devil’s oppressive thoughts. You take your mind captive and pull it away to think of obeying His anointed Word.

How do you deal with emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment? Do not enjoy those feelings. These emotions will get you into self-pity, and you will enjoy wallowing in them. The self-pity about how people have done you wrong. Instead, pray in the spirit for that person who has done you wrong. Rebuke the spirit of fear, and have confident trust in the Heavenly Father’s unfailing love and Word. For example, trust that the Heavenly Father will protect, provide, preserve, guide, lead, teach, and instruct you. You are a spirit, not the mind and emotions. You tell your emotions how they should feel.

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