Faith is for those who will walk in it. Faith comes by hearing the spoken Word of God. Why will God speak to us? He expects us to walk with and walk in it.

Enoch was taken up into the air, left the earth and went into Abraham’s bosom, waiting for Jesus the Messiah to reveal Himself to them. Then those in Abraham’s bosom were born again and went to heaven. God did not take Enoch into heaven because all have sinned, and no one could go there before Jesus died and rose again for their redemption. So Enoch did not die a physical death. God just took his spirit and sent him into Abraham’s bosom.

There were stories like an older person sitting in their rocking chair and others who just left and went into heaven without dying of sickness and disease. Some just pointed to the sky and said there was Jesus and left their bodies. These were Christians, so they went up to heaven immediately.

Enoch pleased God because he walked by faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. However, the Scripture does not say that it is impossible to please God without grace.

Grace is unconditionally given, but faith helps us gain access to His grace. The Heavenly Father’s grace cannot be dispensed to us without faith. Therefore it does not please Him. The Father gives, and He desires and expects us to receive. When we receive from His unconditional love and grace, it pleases the Father that we have received.

All believers are righteous, but many would not walk in faith to receive His grace. So instead, they grieve the Heavenly Father.

When the truth comes, grace accompanies it. Truth comes from knowledge and understanding of His Word of Truth.

We cannot separate faith from grace. Neither can we separate grace from faith because they come from His truth. Where there is the truth of God’s Word, there is grace. Without faith, we cannot have access to His grace; it cannot please God.

Grace is from God’s side, while faith is released from our side.

Hence, without faith, it is impossible to please God.

When faith comes by hearing from God when He speaks to us, we have to walk by faith and do the work of faith. Only then does our walking and doing please God because it is of faith, then it is by His grace.

If faith is not released, it will be dead.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. When we have faith, we are to walk in or do the work of faith.

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