We have received the Holy Spirit that made us His children, and we call Him Abba, Father. So, therefore, we are the Heavenly Father’s children.

The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit. It means He will tell our spirit. So the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus will speak to us by His Holy Spirit, indwelling in our spirit and telling our spirit. This is the primary way the Holy Spirit leads us.

Primarily, the Heavenly Father speaks to us by the Holy Spirit, who dwells in our spirit. God is Spirit. He does not speak to our mind. Instead, the Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit, and the information comes up to our mind.

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit speaks so loudly that it seems audible to the physical ear, but our physical ear is not hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. It just seems our physical ear is hearing. But actually, our spirit heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is authoritative and loud. So it seems like our physical ear is hearing. If our physical ear hears the voice of the Holy Spirit, others around us will also hear. But they cannot.

Therefore, do not seek to hear the physical voice of the Holy Spirit. Instead, learn to distinguish whether it is in our spirit or just in our mind. If what we have in our mind is also in our spirit, then we have heard from the Holy Ghost. But, on the other hand, if it is just in our mind and not in our spirit, then it is only natural wisdom and knowledge. So then, we must seek the Lord whether it is alright to go with the natural wisdom and knowledge.

As we compare natural wisdom and knowledge with the Word of God and seek the Heavenly Father in prayer and wait upon Him, the Holy Spirit will do four things.

When we seek the Heavenly Father’s will, even though we may miss it or go in the wrong direction, His Spirit will always lead us. We can see this nature of the Father in a story in the Old Covenant.

The key is that we must be open to seeking the Father’s will and be willing to drop anything against His will, even make a U-turn or drop whatever we are holding on to at all costs.

We must not want something so desperately that we will not drop what we are holding dearly to. The most challenging part is our emotions. But we are a spirit, not the emotions. Our spirit dictates how our emotions should be and make the right decisions. Else the consequences to bear can be costly.

Elijah and the execution of 450 prophets of Baal made the King of Israel’s wife, Jezebel, mad. She sent word to Elijah that she would have him killed. She already had many prophets of Israel killed.

So, Elijah ran from Jezebel and the city of Jezreel to Beersheba. He left his servant there and went on a day’s journey into the wilderness.

To hear God speak to us when we face a storm or are in trouble, we have to be like Elijah; he ran towards God to seek Him on Mount Sinai, the mountain of God. Never run away from God. Today, we do not need to run to Mount Sinai. His church is the mountain of God or the temple of God.

Elijah also had a heart that turned and sought the Lord. Hence, the Lord provided for his need; he needed strength to start running again.

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