God gives grace to the humble because the humble can receive God’s grace. When we receive His grace, we receive His power to submit to Him and be at rest with God.

We enter into His rest when we receive His grace and power. If we do not submit to God, there is no peace or rest. Moreover, if we continue not submitting, our conscience will be sheared; that means we will not sense there is no peace.

When we submit to God, we will have peace with God, and prosperity will come.

What does it take to submit to God?

Reverence is one of the attributes of submission.

The Lord commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son on one of the mountains in the land of Moriah. When Abraham was about to plunge a knife into Isaac, the Angel of the Lord stopped him. The Angel of the Lord was Jesus Himself because He said Abraham did not withhold his son from him. Jesus said Abraham truly feared or revered God.

God told Noah that He would allow the earth to be destroyed but did not tell him how it would happen. So another nature of God is that He may tell us half the story to get us going, and for the rest of the way, we have to walk by faith.

God told Noah to build the Ark, which did not make sense because the earth had never seen rain before.

It took about 100 years for Noah to build the Ark. It took faith to continue.

Noah’s faith received the gift of special faith that enabled him to continue to build. What attribute of Noah helped him?

Noah’s holy fear, the holy reverence for God, kept Noah going to finish building the Ark.

We must have this holy fear or reverence for the Heavenly Father and be afraid to disobey when we hear from Him. We must be afraid of the consequences if we do not submit to His commandments, orders, instructions, and guidance. It is not that He wants us to fear Him, but to fear the consequences when we do not submit to Him. However, it is not the Heavenly Father Who will inflict us with the consequences, but He sees them. For instance, when the Lord told Noah to build the Ark, he submitted to God and continued to submit; as a result, he saved his whole family and the animals.

Abraham obeyed God to sacrifice his son because he trusted God would raise him from the dead. Abraham was confident in the God Almighty and His power to bring his son back to life; this is the ultimate faith of anyone besides Jesus. Abraham trusted what God saw and knew and what He could do, so there was no element of fear in him that his son would not live.

Trusting God is knowing that when I commit my future to His hands, He sees and knows what lies ahead, so I need not fear stepping into the future.

The Three Qualities of A Submissive Person:

1. Reverence for God is a holy fear, holy awe of Him. The holy fear of disobeying the Lord because of the consequences that we may bear.

2. Trusts God fully. When He commands us to do something, we trust that He already sees and knows what lies ahead. Therefore, we can safely trust that all will be well.

3. Obedience to God. There is no need to deliberate further once we hear from God and receive His instructions. We only need to obey Him because He knows best.

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