Holy Communion

The Passover celebration is a picture of Jesus, the Lamb, who was slain. Jesus partakes in the Passover celebration, celebrating His death.

In Jewish culture, the woman carries a pitcher of water back to the house so the family members can watch their hands before the Passover meal. On the streets of Jerusalem, they would see many women carrying pitchers of water, not men. But here, a man was carrying the pitcher of water. It teaches us:

  1. Do not be bound by culture; otherwise, God cannot use us. God used that man to lead Jesus’s disciples to the upper room.
  2. Do not be bound by tradition. Traditionally, the woman carries the pitcher of water. If we are bound by tradition, God cannot use us differently for the Holy Spirit to move through or bless us.
  3. Man is the head of the household. If need be, men give a hand to do the domestic chores. When your children see, you are teaching them to be flexible and to take the initiative to help where help is needed. You develop an attitude of taking the initiative to lend a hand to your boss and others. There will be many days when you will find others rendering help to you. Because you are willing to help, you will find others who will take the initiative to help you without you asking.
  4. Always be open because God may use unconventional ways to lead you.

In this upper room, Jesus used it to eat the Passover.

For the Passover, a lamb was slain to commemorate Israel’s deliverance from Egypt’s bondage in the Old Testament.

Before Jesus’s resurrection, they ate the Passover. After Jesus’s resurrection, we eat and drink to partake of Holy Communion.

The upper room was where they met to eat the Passover. We meet in the local church to partake of Holy Communion.


The upper room was a meeting place where they also met for prayer. The local church is where we all should meet and pray. There is tremendous power when local churches meet to pray.

The Scripture here highlighted that they prayed with prayer and supplication.

Supplication prayer is a kind of prayer that we often pray with.

Greater or tremendous power is released when the local church gathers together to take Holy Communion and, on other occasions, to pray. Praying always means all occasions, all situations, every time, all the time, every situation, every condition, good and bad times, failure and success, poor and rich. Pray when you have a need or don’t have one.

The Holy Ghost had Apostle Paul tell us to pray all the time and on every occasion. That means there is no occasion when Jesus or the Holy Ghost will pray for us because we are to pray always.

Supernatural things take place when the local church gathers to pray different kinds of prayer and with supplication.

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